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Using these energy calculators provides rough figures. You should use the results to get a rough estimate of the size and cost of your required system. To get more accurate information it is advised that you consult an accredited renewable energy supplier.

Solar Thermal (Water heating) Calculators

The objective of using a solar thermal calculator is to determine the size, cost and eventual cost savings of the solar thermal system you will need based on your hot water requirements and access to the sun.

Unlike the solar panel, wind turbine and heat pump calculators included in this web site, the solar thermal calculators listed below include clear descriptions of the variables involved. Therefore a list of terms for these variables has not been included.

A factor to consider regarding solar thermal water heaters is the type of system that you will use (see Solar Water Heating article this web site). Also, be sure to stay on top of your country’s renewable energy subsidy programs as this will make a very big difference to the ultimate costs (see Subsidy Programs this web site).

Solar Thermal Calculator

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