About this site: The Energy Groove Philosophy


The Energy Groove is designed for the marketing cycle of renewable energy.

The current marketing cycle for conventional fossil fuel systems involves a few very large companies that create energy for end users who flick switches and pay monthly bills. The new marketing cycle for renewable energy involves lots of individuals who create their own energy and “invest” in the systems that allow them to do this. This new cycle begins with promoting education about renewable energy so that the individual feels comfortable “investing” in their own energy creation.

The key difference is “investment”. With the old cycle there is no investment. Monthly energy bills are short term payments that will never be recovered. Instead, money that goes toward renewable energy systems is a longer term investment that will recover the costs and actually start to make money.

Web site Goals

The Energy Groove is set up to help visitors further renewable energy development by providing resources to:

  • Increase knowledge of renewable energy
  • Link increased knowledge to commercial and investment interest
  • Provide a web space that acts as a resource and a hub for information about renewable energy
  • Create a workshop-like structure, where web site resources are designed to be tools that help visitors access and integrate with renewable energy technologies


The Energy Groove web site is designed to market renewable energy products by having advertisements for them. These ads are the most important aspect of the web site because renewable energy development can only be driven by investment.

Articles and Links

The objective of the articles on this web site is to provide a basic introduction to the subjects at hand in order to promote greater knowledge and interest toward renewable energy adoption. Most of these articles have links to more in-depth articles from other web sites, e.g. Wikipedia.

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